Yo Whatsapp Download APK Latest Official Version 2021 for Android

Today, I will tell you about Yo WhatsApp APK which is the best version of the Best Official App.
In This Article, I will tell you about all the new features and how to install the Yo Whatsapp App. So, keeps reading to find out more.

yo whatsapp


YoWhatsapp apk Download Information

App Name YoWhatsapp
File Size 40.55 MB
Version Name Android 13.04
Last Update Jan 2021
Developer Name Ali Haider ASR
Total Downloads 11,79.000+
Official Website Fouad YoWhatsapp

yo whatsapp download

Features of Yo Whatsapp APK

  • There are many features that are not present in the original official App. I will present to you the features in bullet points. So here see the features below.
  • With this app, you can use over one hundred language options. This means you can communicate in multiple languages. You can have the choice of the language of your choice.
  • Its functions give you more than option control and privacy.
  • You can easily change the colors of your group members’ names.
  • You can set an image in the background. Which makes your wallpapers in your communication.
  • You can hide your online status, which gives you more privacy and control when communicating.

  • This allows you to set your name on the top of the app screen.
  • You can also use the fingerprint locked to hide chats.
  • You can easily choose the colors of the ticks and edit which brings a new look to Discussion.

  • You have the facility to send the ten images to your contacts in one message. The original App allows only five images.
  • You can send a file of 700 MB with one single message.
  • You can hide the blue tick.

  • You are able to change the tick style and bubble style.
  • You can change easily the name, status, and further change the font style.
  • You can choose easily more than hundreds of emojis from the library.
  • You can set privacy for groups and chats.
  • Your status can be 250 words long.
  • Your Status can be added 5 minutes long. The original app allows only 30 second
  • You can change the App icon.
  • Previous bugs are fixed in the new version.

What is YoWhatsApp?

Yo Whatsapp is one of the most popular android phone applications on the internet. The application allows users to chat online by text message and share photos, videos, documents, or anything else via their mobile phones. However, users need to make sure that they’re using the best Yo Whatsapp app to avoid any sort of security or privacy

Benefits of YoWhatsApp

The main reason behind this kind of security and privacy issue is the fact that you need to make your Yo Whatsapp account confidential. All incoming messages from friends or other contacts will be sent to a different phone number that you have provided, and only these numbers can be read.

This is also true for outgoing messages you can send your messages to any phone number, but only your friends can see them. You can check if someone is talking to you with a simple text message.

Security & Privacy for Yo Whatsapp Apk

The secret is to make sure that you do not give away your phone number when you chat online. For this reason, there are some Yo Whatsapp apps that have added features that let you monitor your conversations in real-time.

Spyware is a big problem on the internet. You can use some programs to remove all spyware on your computer and make it completely safe again. When you install the program, you are provided with some simple instructions on how to remove the spyware from your computer.

Once installed, the application will start monitoring your computer’s activities and will provide you with reports about what’s happening on your computer. It will show you who is chatting with whom and where they are at any given time.


Some People Claim Yo Whatsapp Spyware

Some people claim that Yo Whatsapp is actually spyware. They claim that the application collects information about your internet browsing habits, which includes what websites you visit, when you visit them, and for how long you stayed on them.

It is also possible for the software to monitor and log your web searches and purchases. To counter this kind of activity, it is important for you to ensure that you only look up the sites that you want to see and you do not share any personal information with anyone.

Spyware is becoming a big problem on the internet because of the fact that it can steal data without your permission and send it to third parties. You can get your personal information such as your name, address, and email address from these third parties if you download any unwanted software.

To avoid spyware on your computer, you should always download the free software and you should never open any file that has the word “spyware” on it. If you’re still not convinced, just try out the Yo Whatsapp application yourself.

If you’re really interested in using the app, you can install software on your computer that is specifically designed to remove spyware and adware. These programs are not expensive at all. The Yo Whatsapp software is considered an adware and spyware remover because it will remove the software from your computer before installing it on your computer.

If you install these programs, you won’t have to worry about spyware and adware on your computer anymore. Now you can spend your time on the important things in your life. Just think, all of your work or your family members won’t be bothered with unwanted spyware and adware.

To summarize, the Yo Whatsapp application is good news for you because you can keep track of your friends, loved ones, and colleagues by simply chatting with them. If you are worried about someone’s privacy, you can just use this software and you can be assured that they will be safe.
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How to Download & Install YoWhatsapp Apk?

I have already installed WhatsApp. Now  I will tell you how you can install WhatsApp on your mobile. First, uninstall your Original WhatsApp. It’s very easy to install and you won’t find the app in the Play Store. First, you have to click on the download button above and download this file.

Step 1:– First you download WhatsApp and I have given the link shared in the above section.

Step 2:- Click this file and press the install button.

yo whatsapp install

Step 3:- Click the Open button after installing.

yo whatsapp

Step 4:- Now Enter your Phone number and click on the Next button And verify OTP.

Yo whatsapp verify

Step 5:- Click the Backup button if you want to restore an old message. If you do not want Backup then just click a Skip button.

yo whatsapp restore

Step 6:- Set up your profile picture and name your YoWhatsApp finally it’s ready to use enjoy.

yo whatsapp update



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