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Cracked  LCD Screen

When you get a cracked LCD screen, you may think that you are finished with your mobile device. You probably thought that you would be stuck with a broken phone screen, an outdated screen, and no way to fix it. But there is another problem.

Broken LCD Screen

A broken LCD screen can cause permanent eye damage that can lead to vision loss, blurred vision, and headaches. This is not something that most people want to deal with when they are aware of the consequences, but it is something that many suffer from Broken LCD screens that have cracked.

broken lcd screen
broken LCD screen

While it’s specifically engineered for toughness, a cracked Broken LCD screen is still just glass (with between layers of clear plastic film). This means that a chip can actually get cracked LCD and leak chemicals or other materials in and around the edge.

Display LCD Panel

You may not even notice it right away, depending on the size and shape of the chip. The liquid crystal display or LCD panel is made up of several small cells, made of various crystals that change colors. When light hits a certain color, the crystals allow the light to pass through and create the image on the screen. Touch-screen monitors are the heart of modern cell phones and other electronic gadgets because of their ability to use light waves to indicate actions or commands.

The thin, flat panels are vulnerable to cracks, breaks due to pressure and heavy objects. You can usually tell when an LCD screen has been broken by looking at black spots that often appear where the glass has bent. These black spots are small tears, and depending on the position of the crack, could be anything from a dime size to a quarter of an inch.

If you are concerned about the black spots, you can try putting a piece of tape over the spot, which should help to fix the problem somewhat. Be aware, though, that some chips may be too small to be repaired by placing a piece of tape over them.

Special Glue

If you have a cracked or broken LCD screen with the words “broken” across them, it is highly likely that you will be able to return it to its normal state by using a soldering iron. This process is sometimes referred to as “gluing” because it makes use of a special glue that bonds the two glass sheets together. Once this is done, the damaged front screen can be replaced with a new one.

While some people try to repair damaged LCD screens on their own, it can be much easier (and safer) for you to purchase a new screen. There are several different kinds available, including ones that are break-resistant and scratch-proof. When shopping for a new LCD screen, be sure to keep in mind the features that you want, so that you are not limited by a certain price range.

Glass Screen

It can be very helpful to get an idea of what you need before you shop because there are a number of different kinds to choose from. You should also get a professional to examine your damaged glass screen to make sure that it can be repaired easily since there are different techniques that different manufacturers use to fix broken LCD screens.

Damaged Phone Screen

When looking for a way to repair a damaged phone screen, the most common way is to replace it with a new one. This might seem like an odd solution, but it is far more convenient than simply buying a new smartphone or trying to deal with an antique smartphone that isn’t functioning.

For the most part, the new replacement smartphone will look exactly like the old one and will function as well. In some cases, though, especially if the broken display is on a smartphone that is beyond repair, you might find that a new broken phone screen makes more sense.

LCD Screen

If your broken LCD screen can still be salvaged, you should at least consider consulting with a professional who has experience in working with glass. While the task of repairing a broken screen might seem relatively simple, there are several things that you need to consider before proceeding.

First of all, when you are replacing the display screen, you should understand that you are permanently severing the LCD glass, which means that you should ensure that you are not causing any damage to the physical component itself. In some cases, this might mean that you have to send the broken LCD Screen phone back to the manufacturer. In other cases, simply replacing the glass panel with a new one will do the trick, without requiring you to send the smartphone back to the manufacturer.


Some people feel that they can perform repair jobs on broken LCD Screen televisions or mobile phones themselves, but this is usually not a wise decision. If you are attempting to repair the broken LCD screen on your own, you should at least test out any methods you use on a piece of paper before actually performing the job.

While you might think that you can fix the screen yourself, testing it first would let you know whether or not you’re actually capable of handling such a delicate job.

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