How To Get Canva Premium For Free Life Time In 2021

In This Article, we will discuss How To Get Canva Premium For Free for a good graphical designing platform that stands out for free for a lifetime. The Canvas which is a self provides a free version which is for the starting point but in it, you can standby features from a limited.

Another Hand If you need to stand by some extension features, you need a canva premium version. Okay and the premium version which is Canvas which if we check its pricing then it’s almost pricing is 199.99$ per Year. If we talk of plans then this is 199.99$ Ok.

Canva Pricing

Canvas has a lot of cool features in which you can use all the premium features for free. It is totally available for the students. Offers a premium version for schools and students for free.

Just for the students. So students can only take people who have an EDU email. Now the EDU mail is Allow for all students in institutes. And I will tell you in this article how to make this allotted EDU email Very easy way. And while it is on standby, you can use the premium version of Canvas for free for a lifetime.

How To Get Canva Premium For Free

Step 1:-

So the first thing you will do is search out Canvas for Education on Google and click on the link below.

Canva For Education

Canva for education

Step 2:-

After clicking on it, you now click on the Register now for free button.

Register now for free
Register now for free

Step 3:-

Next, you have to click here Sign up with email.

Sign up with email
Sign up with an email

Step 4:-

Require edu email
Require Edu email

You will now Require an email to sign up here. Which should be an EDU email. Now you can get EDU  e-mail in two ways.

The first way in Either you roll them in an institute and they will assign you an e-mail from your institute.

And the second way that I will tell you is that it is very cool and it is very easy for you to get the email Dot EDU

Step 5:-

You have to go to a website

10 minutes email edu
10 minutes email edu

And Sometimes When you open it for the first time, you will see more emails here. You have to delete it. After deleting, you will receive an email from dot EDU here. That’s how I got this email. Well, You Did It. it now has many benefits of Dot EDU email.

You can use OneTB Cloud Storage on OneDrive while using this email. Also, you get it for free in Microsoft Office 365.

Also, you have the Github Student Developer Pack available for free. Besides that You get suits. So this lots of benefit. Even That You Have Dot EDU E-MAIL Through You Can free to use Grammarly Premium. But for that you often need support. What is specifically follows an institute. I will also write an article related to this. On top of that Proper will guide you on how you can get a dot Edu email from an institute.

Step 6:-

For the time being, we do a simple copy of this email.

copy email
copy email

Step 7:-

And you will come to the sign of the process You can give anything here. Like If I give my name here. Or I give my email and Or I enter any password. OK

Sign up information
Sign up information

And Click here Get Started It’s Free!

Step 8:-

And here comes the code. Now the code will come in the email And here it will be refreshed and we will get the code here. OK, if I check, we’ve got an email here, and click her confirmation email address.

Confirm email address
Confirm email address

Step 9:-

After Confirmation, what is there will be found in the premium version of Canva Pro is successfully activated.

Canva Pro Dashboard
Canva Pro Dashboard

Step 10:-

Let’s Suppose To test whether we really got the canva premium version of what we have? We’re ready to take a look at a simple design and click here to create a design and select a logo.

And if I download it, then the Transparent Background and Compress file of Here You Can see is totally free available to us.

Canva pro premium test
Canva pro premium test

Wherever you are, you can easily design different types of social media graphics and logo posters and You can also design short videos here. In it, you get pre-build-up templates that are very easy to use and you can use them fast specifically social media like If you want to design a Facebook post Designing banners you can easily.

And if you use it and like it, if you throw Edu e-mail, all the premium features you have will be available to you for free.

Hopefully, You must have liked my article.

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